Available Trees

Haplogrep currently supports different mitochonddrial (mtDNA) phylogenies (e.g. Phylotree 15 - 17, Phylotree Forensic Update) which are provided for different references (rCRS and RSRS). A list of available trees is available here. For reproducibility, each tree is hosted in its on repository (e.g. Phylotree 17).


One of the available trees must be selected before data upload and classification can be started. Please note that the listed versions in Haplogrep (e.g. Phylotree 17.1) combines the used data source (Phylotree) with the versioning introduced by Haplogrep. This means that Phylotree 17.1 (or e.g. Phylotree 17.2 in future) uses Phylotree 17 with the tree-specific files provided by Haplogrep. This allows us to reproduce results even if e.g. annotations, alignment rules or variants weights will change in future. The Phylogenies includes further information and will also include a changelog.